Suthers School Service - 22 & 55

22 & 55

New Suthers School timetables from 11/09/2023.  These services only operate on Suthers School days.  Other passengers may also use these services and adult fares are available. 

Students travelling from Coddington and Beacon Hill Road to Suthers School

Service 55 now no longer serves Coddington or Beacon Hill – these students will now need to catch Service 22, which leaves Coddington (The Plough) 5 minutes EARLIER than before at 07:35. The bus will show ‘Grantham 22’ on the destination. 

Students travelling from Newark and Hawtonville to Suthers School

These students will still catch Service 55, which now starts on Lincoln Road (near Gainsborough Drive) at 07:48. Students who used to catch the bus on Northern Road (opposite Allwood’s) now need to wait on Lincoln Road at the stop named ‘Beaumond Walk’. 

Travelling home from Suthers School

Students travelling back to Beacon Hill or Coddington should now use Service 22 – this will leave from inside The Suthers School at 15:10 and will show ‘Coddington 22’ on the destination. 

Students for London Road, Hawtonville and Newark should continue to use Service 55 as before – this departs at 15:10 from inside The Suthers School and shows ‘Lincoln Road 55’ on the destination. Those students who used to alight at Allwood’s on Northern Road will now be set down on Lincoln Road at the stop named ‘Beaumond Walk’, and the bus will then continue along Lincoln Road to terminate at the stop named Gainsborough Drive. 

The after-school enrichment bus on Service 55 that leaves Suthers School at 16:10 Tuesday to Friday has not changed – this will still set down at Hawtonville, Newark Town Centre, Northern Road, Beacon Hill and Coddington on request to passengers who have boarded the bus at stops before London Road, Winchelsea Avenue.

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