Home To School

  • All pick up routes will be allocated dependent on loadings.
  • Payment for school travel is either monthly by standing order (10 months) or termly (3 terms).
  • All payments for passes are payable by BACS only.
  • Standing order payments can only commence from 1st September.  There is no facility to pay standing order part way through any school term.
  • All passes are issued by email and are QR Codes which are to be added to your child’s mobile phone or, printed (credit card sized).
  • Passes will not be issued until payment is received.
  • Late payments for passes will not be dealt with as urgent.
  • All passengers MUST be registered by Friday 12th July 2024 to be guaranteed a seat on their chosen service.
  • If your child is already one of Marshalls current passholder, then re-registration is automatic.
  • If your child currently travels with us, but pays daily, you must still register them to guarantee a seat on the bus.
  • All information regarding prices etc will be emailed to your chosen email address.
  • Please inform us if you change your email address.

To reserve a seat for your child for the school year, please complete the ‘Home to School’ enquiry form below.

Each year, routes are reassessed depending on the number of children travelling from each stop. Routes and times may change as a result of this assessment. We ask that parents simply choose their nearest stop, and the child will be allocated accordingly. We will try to accommodate additional requests, but this is not guaranteed.

We review the routes yearly depending on the number of children who apply. We reserve the right to change the timetable to accommodate travel requirements. Your child will not necessarily travel on the same bus or route or at the same time as the previous year.

Applications received after the end of July will not be processed until the end of August. This means your child may not be able to get a space on a school bus and may not be able to travel until we can confirm this. If possible, we may be able to offer space on an alternative route on a temporary or permanent basis.  It is therefore essential that you make plans to take your child to school if we are unable to provide transport.

If we do not receive payment for a pass, or your payment to us is too late to be processed, your child will have to pay the daily fare in cash to the driver until payment is made.


If your child’s return to school is dependent on exam results, please register them.

Please ensure both parent/guardian and child read and understands our Home to School Terms & Conditions which includes the pupil Student Code of Conduct whilst using home to school transport.  Please see the updated T&C’s below.

Please see below the bus timetable and Student Code of Conduct.

Grantham School Services

T+Cs and Student Code of Conduct May 2024


Our main pick up points are:

  • Sutton on Trent
  • Carlton
  • Cromwell flyover
  • North and South Muskham
  • Collingham
  • Winthorpe and Fernwood
  • Elston
  • Claypole
  • Dry Doddington
  • Long Bennington
  • Coddington
  • Farndon
  • Newark and Balderton


609B – Newark, Besthorpe, Clifton, Tuxford Academy

731 – Tuxford School

365 – Minster C of E School

Fares for the above school bus services are set by Nottinghamshire County Council and are as follows:

    • Under 16’s – £2.00 single/£3.00 return
    • Post 16 (without NCC half fare pass) – £2.50 single/£4.00 return
    • Post 16 (with NCC half fare pass) – £1.25 single/£2.00 return 

As these service are now on contract to Nottinghamshire County Council, we are unable to take any other payment except daily fares.

Fares are to be paid with cash only.  Please have as near to the correct monies as possible, as the drivers only have a limited float.

To apply for a bus passes for the above schools please contact Nottinghamshire County Council or visit their website for more details.


QR PASS UPDATE – October 2023

It has been brought to our attention that some students are travelling on the peak school time service 37 buses to and from Tuxford Academy using their QR code bus passes, most drivers have been allowing this to happen when in actual fact they shouldn’t be.  Passes can only be used on X37s at school time, not the public service 37 buses. If a student is travelling out of peak time for example following after school activities they can then use their QR code to travel on the service 37 as the X37 does not run at these times.

We understand if students are choosing the quieter service 37, this is not a problem, but payment for these journeys needs to be made on the bus. If you have purchased a QR code for your child but they would prefer to use the service 37 instead, please contact us and we can refund your pass.


Home to School enquiry form

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